Annual Report

Aktiebolaget trav och galopp


Welcome to ATG’s Annual Report 2013!

Hasse Skarplöth.

For the first time in AB Trav and Galopp’s history, we present our annual accounts in digital form. Here you will find reports, pictures and films depicting ATG’s operations for 2013 - from the annual report and financial statements, to the winner of the title: ATG Shop of the year.

In one of the films, I talk about my first year as CEO for ATG. It has been a year of both positives and negatives. In terms of the latter, our surplus, which is ploughed back into trotting and thoroughbred racing, declined for the second year in a row.

However, at the same time there were, as I mentioned, some bright spots. Just before Christmas, we were granted a new gambling licence by the government, which will provide us with, among other things, greater opportunities for business development. Besides this, internally we have launched ATG’s Manifesto, a sort of ”compass” to point out the direction for our work in the coming years.

The goal is ambitious – we shall be the largest and most profitable gambling company on the Nordic market by offering our customers Sweden's most engaging gambling experience and meeting place for betting. Last year we took the first step. This will be my best memory from 2013.

Yours Sincerely

Hasse Skarplöth

THIS IS ATG (in 45 seconds)

  • ATG’s sole purpose – to secure the long-term financial growth of the Swedish trotting and thoroughbred racing sports.
  • AB Trav and Galopp, ATG, was founded in 1974. The background to this move was that trotting and thoroughbred horse racing in Sweden was in a crisis and the Swedish Government – through the establishment of ATG and the gambling model that continues to apply today – wished to ensure the long-term financial conditions for trotting and thoroughbred racing.
  • ATG’s mandate is primarily to secure the long-term conditions for Swedish trotting and thoroughbred racing with a favourable geographic spread.
  • ATG is 90-per cent owned by the Swedish Trotting Association (ST), with the Swedish Jockey Club (SG) holding the remaining 10 per cent, but is controlled by the government via the composition of the Board. ST and SG appoint five members to ATG’s Board while the government appoints six members, one of whom is the Board Chairman.
  • ATG has a licence from the Swedish Government to arrange betting on horses, and this license regulates the conditions for gambling.
  • ATG offers betting at about 1,850 betting shops, and at 37 trotting and thoroughbred racetracks, as well as on the Internet and by mobile devices. ATG also collaborates with 28 partners in 17 countries.
  • In 2013, ATG reported a turnover of SEK 12.2 billion from betting in Sweden, in addition to SEK 2.6 billion from betting operations via international partners.
  • The major share of ATG’s turnover reverts to the players in the form of winnings (SEK 8.5 billion). The net surplus is distributed between the Government (SEK 1.3 billion) and trotting and thoroughbred racing (SEK 1.6 billion).
  • ATG not only contributes to trotting and thoroughbred racing but also to other equine sports through, for example, contributions to the Swedish Horse Council Foundation (HNS).